"I think you should run the Plymouth Superbird through your matrix, 426ci / 490 ftlbs, 13.5 sec ET, Most effective boot spoiler of 1970, entire front end is a spoiler, two fender scoops, mags, Hurst performance shifter, aero design, record breaking NASCAR, banned from competing in 71, base price $4300. A GSX Buick was $5150. Same could be said for a 70 Superbee $3074 but you could order a boot spoiler, hood mounted tacho, extra scoops, Hurst shift kit standard, the "Kruncher" and Bee-Liever" performance options and still have change from a GSX. It's very convenient to say 'must be standard fitted' when your car is $2000 more expensive than some of it's competitors! Perhaps for every $100 over $3000 you should subtract 10 points because the definition of a muscle car, on your own page is "A muscle car, by the strictest definition, is an intermediate sized, performance oriented model, powered by a large V8 engine, at an affordable price. Most of these models were based on "regular" production vehicles."
If some of it's competitors were $2000 cheaper they were more affordable and therefore more of a muscle car!"

-Super birds and Daytona's are not included as they are deemed 'Race Special' by me and the Muscle Car Club of America. GSX's ranged in price (in 1970) from around $3400-$4300, not $5150.

"Initial reports are....you have some claim to the title but the chart is a tad biased, and this is from some hard core Mopar men. Thumbs up...for now."

-Thanks, I'm sure there will be some follow-up.

Absolutely agree its just as cool as a mopar when compared to import crap.. But if you put an A-12 a hemi cuda and a gs in a coolness contest ,well lets just say Buick only really had the one car. and it still looks like dads'

-GSX looks like Dads?

'Can't say I ever remember when I was a kid hearing, "I sure wish I had Buick". It was either a Mopar, or one of the other two'

-Buick- Great Cars, Crap marketing.

I HAD a 70 Buick Skylark GS 455. Not a Stage 1, or a GSX, but I kicked the shit out of a lot of 454 Chevelles! They were torque monsters. I'd still take one over Chevys any day!'

-I'd take an enema over a Chevy.

'I'll say this, you will need a big gun to take on a properly running GS Stage 1 Buick. He builds a good argument but an A12 Road Runner or Super Bee comes to mind, or anything with a six pack. A good six pack has been known to out run a HEMI in the quarter. Keep in mind some of these old drag tests were done with cars that were "tweaked" a bit '

-There's more to this discussion than 1/4 mile times.

OK;I grew up(?) in "Buick-town", so here's my take:
I've ridden in and driven in many truly stout 60's and 70's era muscle cars-stock cars, not "tweaked". The two baddest, flat out torque-iest cars I have been in were a '70 Stage I GSX that a ...friend of mine used to own, and a '69 A12 RR that a guy I kind of knew back in my Detroit area days had. Bar none. I've been in an LS-6 Chevelle(real close in performance),'69 428 CJ Mustang, a Hemi Challenger('71),'70-1/2 RAIII Firebird(scary fast!) and a W-30 Olds-and some small-block cars that would have scared them!. All scary quick and fast, but the first two mentioned were, IMO, superior. I've also been in a '70 Stage II equipped GSX(dealer installed stuff-this car is RARE, with that and other options),and though faster, did not seem "quicker" '

-I hear ya.

'I think even though he may have us on some speed I think u could argue build quality to (Mopars) favor, like why do all gm's and fords leave parts all over the track every time they run and yeah our cars break as well but not like the other 2,and an A12 shootout or Hemi cuda shootout is a great idea, I am also a biased Mopar or no car guy' 'though.

-We all have opinions on build quality. Can't say Buick has a bad name for quality in the 70's though.

Seems his list forgot the 70 Hemi Roadrunner that SS & DI got 13.34 @ 107 out of and the 1970 Hemi Cuda Car Craft got 13.10 @ 107 out of ?? nOT TO MENTION 12.90'S OUT OF THE 69-1/2 440-6PK Runner that Sox drove. And lets not forget how in 1963 Hot Rod ran 12.69 @ 112 in a 63 Ply 426 Max Wedge with just Cheeter slicks. Yes the GSX is a great muscle car but the best of all ???? I think not.

-Happy to add the 13.34 Roadrunner time, that gives the Roadrunner an extra 4.4 points, only 84.6 points behind now. Hemi-Cuda..Pony Car. When we all have Cheater Slicks then you can too!